20 of the Cutest Kids Super Hero Costumes You’ve Ever Seen

I know it’s not Halloween and I normally don’t post about costumes in March, but I was browsing through Pinterest and there were two kids super hero costumes that just jumped out at me. So, I can’t help it! I have to write about it and share the cuteness with all of you.

Kids Super Hero Costumes

And of course costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Kids can use these year round for dress up or going to a themed party. I know you’ll enjoy these as much as I did.

Kids Super Hero Costumes – The Cutest Ones Ever!

1. Super Girl

Kids Super Hero Costumes 02


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50 of the Best Ways to Make Caramel Apples

Make Caramel Apples

Are you planning to make caramel apples for Halloween night? Or possibly a Halloween class party or bake sale? There are some great tricks to make sure your caramel apples turn out perfectly! Not only are they fun to eat, but they’re fun to make. You can sprinkle just about anything you want on the caramel apple and let it set up in the fridge.

We rounded up 50, yes 50, different ways to make caramel apples. Now it’s up to you to decide which ones to make! If only we could have taste tested these 50 recipes. A tummy ache would have followed.

50 of the Best Ways to Make Caramel Apples

1. Make caramel apples with caramel bits and toppings

2. Make mini caramel apples (These are perfect for a party because they’re easy to eat!)

3. Make your caramel apples outrageous!

4. Make your own caramel!

5. Here’s a caramel apple recipe with evaporated milk (and it says something about ‘dipped in heaven’ – oh yes!)

6. Have you ever thought of using tree branches for your caramel apples?

7. Another recipe for making your own caramel

8. Add a sprinkle of sea salt to enhance to buttery flavor of the caramel

9. Add a small ribbon to the stick to give it a fancier look

10.  Here are some bright and crazy ideas for you

11. Serve your caramel apples with wine (for guests over 21 of course)

12. Here’s a recipe with toasted coconut – yum

13. Get creative with stripes of chocolate all over the apple

14. Try these Inside Our Caramel “Apples” – great for guests who don’t like apples

15. These are also called Inside Out Caramel Apples but with a different twist and actual apples

16. Try melting the caramel in a crockpot

17. Or try these hot caramel apples in a crockpot

18. OH MY RAW Caramel Apples – from a Vegan recipe site

19. Mickey Mouse Caramel Apples – for your mouse loving friends

20. Cinnamon Caramel Apple Pumpkins – you had me at cinnamon

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Where to Find Halloween Printable Coloring Pages

Whether you are a teacher or parent looking for a fun Halloween activity for your kiddos, Halloween Printable Coloring Pages are the perfect thing to have available for your students or kids. There are many resources out there and I swear the coloring pages get cuter and cuter every year.

What’s also great about Halloween printables, is you can get them at the very last minute. Let’s say you are the homeroom mom and were put in charge of the Halloween party this year. Or, you’re throwing a last minute Halloween party at your home. You could even give your little trick-or-treaters some candy and a coloring sheet. Fun!

We rounded up a few resources for your Halloween printable coloring pages. Happy coloring! (Psst! One is never too old to color!)

Resources for Halloween Printable Coloring Pages

1. Raising Our Kids – They have quite a few and they’re sectioned out by themes.

2. Edupics – Talk about a great selection! From pumpkins, witches and ghosts…

3. Free Fun Halloween - These Halloween coloring pages have CUTE written all over them!

4. Crayola – From Bingo to Frames and Jack ‘o Lanterns, they have a fun selection.

5. Parents – They have a selection of 16 Halloween printables.

6.  Make and Takes – I love the haunted house coloring page!

7. Family Fun – The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde coloring sheet is super fun.

8. Spoonful - Here’s a cute Disney activity Halloween page. They also have a few others to choose from.

9. The Color - This puts a different spin on coloring. It’s online coloring,which some kiddos might really enjoy. Teachers could use this as an activity during computer time.

10. Activity Village – Color by number, Haunted Houses and Frankenstein

11. Activity-Sheets – A nice collection of some basic Halloween coloring sheets

12. Coloring – They have 20 Halloween coloring printables.

13.Purple Kitty Yarns – This has some original ones such as the invisible family coloring page.

There you have it! Thirteen (a good Halloween number) Halloween Printable Coloring Pages for you.

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