17 Adorable Easter Cake Pops

Here are 17 adorable Easter Cake Pops! Can you believe we’re talking about Easter already? Me neither!

Easter Cake Pops

Cupcakes are wonderful, but there’s something about cake – on a stick – that just makes me smile. Cake pops take a little bit of an extra effort (like these Halloween ones I made), but when you realize how fun they are to make and how easy they are for kiddos to eat, it makes it worth it.

Enjoy browsing  through these ideas for some egg-citing (sorry, I had to) Easter Cake Pops.

17 Adorable Easter Cake Pops

1. Easter Basket Cake Pops – She uses the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker and loves it. Follow her great and detailed instructions on making these super cute easter baskets.

2. Easter Bunny Cake Pops – These Easter cake pops are by Bakerella, the same brand of cake pops maker I use. She also has a fabulous book (or two).

3. Little Chick Cake Pops – Could cake pops get any cuter? I mean really?! It looks like the little yellow chick is smiling. Love it.

4. Easter Animals – All together now – “Awwwwwww…” So cute!

5. Egg Shaped Cake Pops – These are shaped like Easter Eggs and are decorated with sparkly sprinkles. [Read more...]

So You’re Hosting a Class Party! 17 Easy Valentines Snacks

The teacher asked. You said yes. Now you’re responsible for cute and creative Valentine’s snacks for your child’s class party. (Been there, done that. Will probably do it again!) No problem! Don’t sweat it. Just go easy with these ideas we’ve rounded up for you.

Valentines Snacks

17 Easy Valentines Snacks

1. Valentines Snack Mix – Add a little love to the ordinary Chex mix idea and create one perfect for Valentine’s Day. Mama Miss shows you how!

2. Marshmallows on a Stick – You had me at ‘on a stick’. These marshmallows are so cute, super easy to whip up and will look Fabulous (with a capital F!) on the table at school.

3. Valentine Trail Mix – Another twist on Chex Mix. This recipe comes with printable tags in case you want to give this mix away.

4. Valentine Pretzel Treats – What do you get when you combine pretzels, Hershey kisses, M&Ms and sprinkles. Oh.my.goodness. Something good enough to eat, serve and give as a gift!

5. Mini Pretzels Dipped in Chocolate – You could use mini pretzels, large pretzels, or my favorite – pretzel rods.

6. Valentine Rice Crispy Treats – Prepare Rice Crispy treats with the original Kellog’s recipe and add some assorted candies like they recommend.

7. Graham Crackers, Icing & Sprinkles – Just typing out those three ingredients made me hungry. These look so pretty and they’ll be easy for the kiddos to grab and eat.

8. Valentines Popcorn – Why not?! I am definitely trying this – for ME!

9. Valentines Day Trash – Did I lose you at the word trash. Stay with me a minute. This stuff is delicious and makes kids very very happy. And, it’s super easy to mix up a batch, or two, or three.

10. Valentine Cookie Pops (On a Stick) – It’s a sugar coolie on a stick. The class will think you’re brilliant. You will win mom of the year. You will.

11. The Original Valentine Chex Mix – Here it is, from Pillsbury themselves.

12. Valentine Cut Out Rice Crispy Treats – Rice Crispy Treats shaped like a heart from the people at Kellogs!

13. Put that Rice Crispy Treat on a Stick! – Add some icing and heart shaped candies and the kids will go bonkers over these.

14. Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Bars – If you don’t feel like baking this from scratch, whip up a box of brownies and adapt it. The pink icing against the chocolate really makes this dessert stand out.

15. Valentine Ice Cream Float – Whip these up for the class and they’ll be bragging to all their friends at recess.

16. Peanut Butter with Dove Chocolate Cookies – Here’s a twist on the Hershey Kiss cookies I’ve loved for ever.

17. Valentine Cupcakes – Last but not least, here’s a list of 30 Valentine’s Day Cupcake ideas.

Skylanders Party – The Cupcakes

I was just talking about over on our sister site ToyXplosion this morning, the huge success Skylanders has had. You can read just how big of a success they are in our article here. We’re talking millions and millions of dollars in sales. It’s pretty amazing!

So, it’s no surprise that the Skylanders Party theme is becoming popular among boys. If you’re throwing a Skylanders Party, you need some great cupcake ideas right? Right. Well, here you go! Some are super easy and some are, well, a little more involved.

Skylanders Party Skylanders Cupcakes

Skylanders Party – The Cupcakes

1. Skylanders Cupcake Plastic Ring Toppers – these look so cute on top of the cupcake and your little party guests can take them home as a party favor. You can purchase them here for a little over $5 for 12.

2. Printable Skylanders Cupcake Toppers – These toppers are available at Etsy for $5 for 24. This is a nice alternative because they send you an email containing your printable. No waiting for it to be shipped to you!

3. Skylanders Cake Portal with Sheep Cupcakes – The actual Skylander part isn’t a cupcake , but rather a cake made to look like the portal. So cool! And then they added little sheep cucpakes. (I make these at Easter time!)

4. Silly me! I forgot a number 4. Carry on…

5. Skylanders Cupcake Toppers – Here’s another Etsy find. Bake and ice your cupcakes, stick one of the toppers in and voila!, a great looking Skylanders Cupcake.

6. Skylanders Cupcake Toppers with Fondant – This is a lot pricier than the paper cupcake toppers, because they are super labor intensive. They’re made out of fondant and are just absolutely amazing. These will run you $40 for 16 toppers.

Get creative and have fun planning and throwing your Skylanders party. We hope we gave you some good inspiration for some yummy cupcakes!

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