20 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Are you in a Halloween rut and you’re looking for some easy homemade Halloween costumes for kids? Maybe purchasing a Halloween costume isn’t in the budget or you waited until the last minute (been there) and the selection at your local store is pathetic. If this is you, have no fear. Take a deep breath and check out these fantastic ideas for some easy to make Halloween costumes for your kids. And they’re not lame. Your kids will love them!

20 Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

1. Dwight K Schrute from The Office

A center part, some goofy glasses and a tie and your little kid is ready for The Office.

2. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Cut some holes in a red checkered table cloth, paint some Styrofoam balls brown and add the yarn for the noodles and you have one very cool costume. Tasty looking too!

3. Lego Man

Do you have a couple of boxes laying around? Head to the store and purchase some red glossy pain and red Solo cups and you have “LEGO Man”!

4. Bag of Jelly Beans

This is just brilliant and cute and inexpensive! A trash bag, some small balloons and ribbon and you have yourself a very cool costume.

5. Red Riding Hood

You could either make Red Riding Hood’s cape with felt, like it mentions in the instructions, or you could improvise with a red coat or sweater. Add a basket, some cute leggings and maybe a wolf and you’re good to go.

6. It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

I love everything about this costume! From the fact that it’s no sew and completely original. The neighbors will love seeing this costume arrive at their door for some treats.

7. Paper Doll

This idea for Homemade Halloween Costumes for kids only requires some white poster board, clothes to trace, markers and a few other craft supplies. Easy peasy.

8. Monkey Business

You can whip up this adorable Monkey Business costume with a few craft supplies, office clothes and face paint.

9. Superhero Costumes

With the provided templates, a blank t-shirt and material for a cape, you can create an original superhero costume.

10. Hot Air Balloon Costume

Does this Hot Air Balloon Costume look hard? It’s easier to put together than you might think!

11. Snow Cone Baby Costume

This adorable snow cone costume only requires a blanket and a rainbow wig.

12. Bed Bug Costume

Your child can creep and crawl around the neighborhood in this Bed Bug Costume.

13. Spelling Bee

This costume requires a black leotard, yellow tape, tights and wire hangers. It’s SO cute!

14. Russell from UP

You might need to do a little bit of shopping for this Halloween Costume – unless your little boy is a boy scout and then you should be good to go!

15. Baby Super Man

All you need is a super man shirt for your little guy! Add a white button up shirt, cape and glasses and you have a mini Clark Kent/Super Man.

16. Crayon Costume

Grab a solid color t-short and pant set (or sweat pants), add some lettering and extras with either black felt or duck tape and a cheap party hat.

17. Baby Harry Potter

Does it get much cuter than this? No. It does not.

18. Jet Pack

Here’s a cool, easy to make accessory for a Halloween Costume.

19. Flower Pot

This is super affordable, super easy and super cute. That’s 3 supers!

20. Scuba Diver

Break out that summer swimming gear and put together a very fun costume!

There you have it! Twenty Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids. Which one will you try?

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