Gotcha! Board Game – Catch Your Friends, Before They Catch You!

Are you having a few friends over for a party anytime soon? We often invite friends over and play games and it’s such an easy way to get to know people. Whether these or people you have just met or ones you’ve known for years, playing a fun party game is a great way to get to know each other even better. And, it’s just down-right fun!

Buffalo Games has a new party game called Gotcha!. Their slogan is, ‘Catch Your Friends Before They Catch You!’.

Gotcha! is the party game that breaks all the rules. In Gotcha!, players race to hit the Buzzer whenever they see someone breaking a rule all the while making sure they are following the rules themselves. The more rules that are played, the funnier the game gets a perfect mixture of laugh out loud fun and hectic mayhem!

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Game Contents: 36 Group Rule Top Cards; 37 Group Rule Bottom Cards; 37 Individual Rule Cards; Action Cards; 1 Game Board; 8 Colored Mats; 8 Pawns; 1 Buzzer; Instructions

Buy Gotcha! today and play it at your next party. Chances are, it will become a favorite among your party guests.

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