Easter Egg Hunt Ideas; Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

If you’re wanting to find some creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, do we ever have one for you.

How about an Easter Egg Hunt in the dark? Say what?! One blogger was in desperate need of an activity for a rainy day with her kiddos. So what did she do? A glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt in her basement!

Check out what size eggs she suggest using and how she did it here. Hint: it’s super easy!!

Kids Easter Pictures; Make It a Day to Remember With Great Photos!

Kids Easter Pictures

Kids Easter Pictures! Creating some very memorable photos is a great way to make this Easter one that goes down in the record books, er, scrapbooks.

Grab a few props, set the stage and gather the kids. These Kids Easter Pictures are going to make you shutter happy. From a bucket full of Easter eggs to barefeet and bunnies, these ideas for some Easter pictures are just about as cute as can be. Enjoy!

Kids Easter Pictures

Kids Easter Pictures


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Kids Easter Pictures 02

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17 Easter Cakes; Because What’s Easter Without Cake?

Easter Cakes

I look forward to looking up ideas for Easter cakes every year. We have a traditional one that’s made every year. It has been in the family for a very long time and it just doesn’t feel like Easter without it. But it’s also fun to have another Easter cake on the menu.

Here are 17 Easter Cakes I rounded up. Every single one looks and sounds delicious!

17 Easter Cakes

1. Coconut Buttermilk Poundcake

Easter Cakes 01

2. Easter Grass and Bunny Cake [Read more...]

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